A new Type 34 from France on this forum

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A new Type 34 from France on this forum

Beitrag von miguelparot » Dienstag 4. Februar 2014, 07:53

Hello to all,

I am glad to introduce myself : Miguel from the town of Macon, in South Burgundy, France. This is approx 70 km north of the city Lyon.
I bought a few months ago this K-G Type 34 from the year 1963. It drove first in the USA, during 27 years, then in Belgium, during 20 years. It cam to France 4 years ago, in 2010.

The car is in quite good condition, I did not have to plan big restoration. Only change a few usable parts, like shock absorbers, tyres. I restored the front seats, keeping them as possible with the same original material. A very good job was done and they are now very confortable ! I am finishing a few minor repairs : front brakes, door straps, door panels, original beauty rings for the wheels.
And for safety : fire extinguisher in the passenger cell, and safety belts.

Everything should be over by the end of February, and we'll be ready, my red car and I for new adventures.

I enclose a few pictures, hope they will be included (?)

Looking forward to exchanging with my new friends on this forum.
Cheers to all.






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Re: A new Type 34 from France on this forum

Beitrag von Jahrhundertprojekt » Dienstag 4. Februar 2014, 08:24

Hello Miguel,

Welcome to the forum. Here you are right with your car... ;-)
Very nice looking car... Have fun with it.
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Re: A new Type 34 from France on this forum

Beitrag von CarstenKlein » Dienstag 4. Februar 2014, 09:51

hi Miguel,

nice to see you here as well :mrgreen:
Carsten Klein

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Re: A new Type 34 from France on this forum

Beitrag von 34er » Dienstag 4. Februar 2014, 09:54

Hi Miguel,

welcome to the type 3 enthusiasts!
You have a very nice and early car, take good care of it.

If you have the time and the fun for a longer turn, visit our club meeting in the netherlands from 28.-31.8.2014. Further informations are here in the forum.

Best regards

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Dr. TL
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Re: A new Type 34 from France on this forum

Beitrag von Dr. TL » Dienstag 4. Februar 2014, 12:31

Hi Miguel,

a warm welcome to you! Nice car, hope to see you an the KG 34 one day.

Best wishes,

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Re: A new Type 34 from France on this forum

Beitrag von Gerd Grebbin » Dienstag 4. Februar 2014, 15:23

Hello Miguel (btw - isn't that a spanish name?),

welcome to our community and congratulation to your very nice car.
It will be great for you as soon as you'll have it on the road, to enjoy cruising and get the astonished views of the public - and to look after some more necessary corrections without longer wokshop periods.

I'm looking forward to sseing you and your 34 at one of the next meetings.

Best regards - Gerd
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Re: A new Type 34 from France on this forum

Beitrag von miguelparot » Mittwoch 5. Februar 2014, 11:13

Vielen dank to all for your warm welcome :sunny:

Yes, Miguel is a Spanish first name, in fact I am French, born from French parents, but in Mexico-City where my father had his job at the time. Mexico, a nice place to be born, for an airccoled VW fan !

Yes I am longing to get my car out of the workshop, and start enjoying it really. Phase 1 of repairs, restoration will be over by the end of this month. Then I will drive ! and drive again, and drive more ! :D

I think we'll meet one of these days. I will be 60 at the end of this year, will retire next year, and from then on, it will be free time all the time ! I will use my red car as - or almost as - my daily, and will be tempted to pay a visit to my neighbouring friends, specially in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, where there seems to be a very lively Type 3 / 34 community.

All that free time available soon will be welcome to keep improving the car, litlle by little, without a hurry...

As some members of this forum, I am a member of the international t34world forum, and I am also a member of the Type 3 Drivers forum (for French speaking Belgian, Swiss, French owners) and also of the Karmann-Ghia of France forum. So, we'll have opportunity to share info on meetings, etc.

Have a good day,